Our Services

Medical Imaging represents one of the most rapidly growing areas of health care in Australia. The use of medical imaging to identify and treat illness and disease through early detection has emerged as one of modern medicine’s most powerful developments and is increasingly recognised for its cost-effective contribution to health care. This has resulted in improved patient outcomes with early diagnosis and in some cases the avoidance of unnecessary invasive surgery.

Comprehensive range of services

Victoria House Medical Imaging offers a comprehensive range of medical imaging services from general x-ray procedures, CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and dental imaging.  We also have a specialist expertise in all musculoskeletal injuries and are called upon by professional athletes and other sporting groups to assist with diagnosis, treatment and management of such conditions to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

For patients this means ensuring that you are treated by caring and professional staff. We understand that getting an x-ray or other scan can be a daunting experience. Our doctors and staff are committed to providing the most accurate diagnosis possible in a caring and sensitive environment, always treating patients with respect and dignity.

Referrers can be assured that we will respond rapidly to your needs with fast turnaround of reports and priority service for your urgent patients. We have the latest imaging technology across all modalities optimising diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. We are committed to understanding the needs of our patients and referring doctors so that we continually provide an exemplary caring and professional service that exceeds expectations.