Your Safety

Our commitment to your safety is our highest priority. Victoria House Medical Imaging has invested much time, effort and resources into making sure that every patient receives a quality diagnostic imaging service utilising the most appropriate imaging techniques and the lowest possible dose of radiation. Our radiographic staff are highly skilled technicians who are licensed to operate our modern diagnostic imaging equipment. They also actively participate in ongoing training and a process of continuous improvement to ensure our high safety and quality standards are maintained.


Radiation Safety

Victoria House Medical Imaging prides itself on its ability to get diagnostically accurate images using the absolute lowest dose of radiation necessary. We take a very proactive stance regarding patient safety and paramount to this is the issue of radiation dose. Our highly skilled technicians and doctors are continually monitoring, and reviewing our imaging protocols and equipment maintenance procedures to ensure the highest standards in safety are maintained. In addition, all our equipment is routinely serviced and maintained by the equipment manufacturers.


MRI Safety


Contrast Injections

Contrast media is used in a number of types of examinations to highlight blood vessels and blood flow in various parts of the body.

Victoria House Medical Imaging uses non-ionic contrast media, which is considered the safest available intravenous contrast media in use today.