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MIA Direct

Radiology on your desktop

MIA Radiology has the most extensive PACS ( Picture Archiving & Communication System) network in Victoria. This enables us to send and receive digital X-rays, Mammograms, CT, MRI, PET, Ultrasound, Doppler, Echocardiography, Nuclear Medicine and Dental images quickly and securely between all our clinics.

MIA Direct enables your practice to connect to your network and realise the benefits of digital radiography for your patients and practice.

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MIA Direct Installers

MIA Radiology offers a wide selection of applications that have been specifically designed to meet your online patient management needs. This feature rich application offers a full suite of tools ideally suited to users who require full fidelity viewing and comprehensive imaging manipulation.

MIA Direct for OS:      PC 32BIT      PC 64BIT      MAC OS X 


QuickView Web Portal

MIA Direct - QuickView is designed to complement MIA Direct. It is powered by a platform that uses secure encryption technology to maintain patient privacy.

Referring doctors can log onto the password-driven secure Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) from work or home 24/7 and immediately review their patients’ images and reports simultaneously.

MIA Direct - QuickView is ideally suited for doctors on the go, and provides a snapshot of your last 30 days of patients results, together with instantaneous access to the reports and intuitive viewing of images for all your patients results. This free application does not require the installation of software and can be accessed via any device with Internet access.

MIA Direct - QuickView for OS:      WIN 7 & XP      MAC OS X 


QuickView App

Pre-registered and approved medical professionals can now download the new MIA Direct  -
QuickView iPhone/iPad app from the Apple iTunes store. 

Note: For Android users, MIA QuickView can be accessed via the internet on your mobile device.