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Medical Imaging technology and its applications are constantly changing and improving in an effort to improve outcomes for patients through more accurate and timely diagnosis of medical conditions. New procedures are frequently introduced for both pre-existing and new technology.

Victoria House Medical Imaging, as a member practice of MIA Radiology, has developed a series of referrer information resources which provides the latest information related to medical imaging procedures.


Clinical Resources

MIA Paediatric MRI GP Referrer Guide Download
VHMI Adult MRI GP Referrer Guide Download


Printer Settings for A4 Referrals

Best Practice Printer Settings VHMI Download
Genie Solutions Printer Settings VHMI Download
Medical Director Printer Settings VHMI Download
Medical Spectrum Settings VHMI Download
Zedmed Printer Settings VHMI Download


Medical Imaging for General Practitioners

Mriforgps Screenshot 


Clinic Information

MIA Vic House Clinic Booklet Download


Patient Procedure Information



VHMI A4 Referral Pad including MRI Indications Download
VHMI A5 Referral Pad Download


Clinical Videos

MRI of calf injuries in the AFL


Thyroid nodules - do they matter?


What's hip in hip imaging


Spinal assessment - Radiology and management